Saturday, January 3, 2009

23 March 2008 - Handan

Day 10's visit is very special for us, as it is to Handan in Yongian County and practice with Zhang Guosheng, 5th Generation Yang style Taijiquan. The same Yang family form that Pamela Hiley teaches at the Centre in Oslo.“Zhang Guosheng explained that a serious Taijiquan practitioner also studies poetry, calligraphy, painting and medicine, (the five Excellencies) and at the same time it is important to keep practicing the Taiji form.” Hilde Barstad.
Handan is home to Yang and Wu style Taijiquan, and we practiced on the plateau roof of the city’s old fort where the emperor used to look down on his assembled troops.
In the afternoon some of the group visited the Yang family village, where we visited the original Taijiquan Yang family home. There we met a man of the 4th generation and he was pleased to give both a demonstration and instruction. When we demonstrate our form he is elated and beams:
“Old style, very good!”
“...and he corrected Pamela. 'Relax, sink in the Dantian.” Magnhild

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Handan in Yongian County...

Handan in Yongnian Country.

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