Saturday, January 3, 2009

25th March 2008 – Beijing to Oslo

It is our last day, but there is no discussion of how to use the last hours of our journey. We return to our starting point, the Temple of Heaven and a last opportunity to practice Taijiquan with the Olympic troupe.
On the bus to the airport we say our farewells to our hosts who have helped in making the trip a fantastic success. Harry, our guide, is presented with a Norsk Taiji Senter suit and he is filled with gratitude.He confesses that he had not studied Taiji before but we have inspired him. It is strange, here we are, all the way from Norway and we rekindled the love of an ancient Chinese art. We also give a brilliant crystal to Mr. Wang, from the Beijing Taiji Association, as a symbol of the connection we have through our 25 years of practice in Norway.

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